Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Post Epic Winter Tour (EWT) 2014.

I think EWT 2014 will have lasting effects on both DC and me (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it).  

For me, it has changed the way I think about my approach to showing, and how I handle each day individually.  It has also made me less “year end” oriented, and more “plan for each show and see how it goes.”  When I walked into the idea of EWT, it was to garner experience, ride with the best of the best, and maybe win some ribbons along the way.  All of those things certainly came true, but it also gave me perspective that taking each show, or even each DAY of each show as an individual challenge.  For some reason being on the road for that long put less pressure on the “end” and more focus on the “here and now” for me. 

For DC, I came away with a horse that feels much more trained than when I started.  He’s STILL a pregreen horse after all, and is only a seven year old.  Even though we’ve had our moments of success I need to keep that in mind in our approach to showing, riding, and training.  In my experience, green horses usually react one of two ways when returning from a show.

This reaction comes when a horse is fairly unconfident, and shows me that they need to grow up a little before showing again. 
2. I am the shiznitt of all shiznitt horses, so badass and brave.  Look at me and how cool I am.

For me, this horse is one that is ready to really come into his own from a showing perspective.  He has the confidence to face the challenges, and although he might not always react in a way that I want, I’ve successfully brought him along to a point of being able to handle many different situations.

DC most definitely falls into the latter category.  Ever since our return, he’s really been one of the most fun horses to ride I can imagine.  He tries his hardest, he is supple, soft, and forward, and he’s really showing a ton of confidence under saddle.  Except when there are maniacal pony killing horses around, then all bets are off. 

I also finally am posting the picture I bought from WEF for all to see.  Well all beyond facebook.


Although it is not my favorite if his jumping style, I thought the framing and background were worth it. 

Which leads me to another subject.  If I were to pick one of the following photos from Gulfport to order, which one should I choose?

Feedback is welcome!


  1. I love the first photo from Gulfport!

  2. I had a similar mindset shift with our trip to Thermal this year. My only concern is that I thought we'd get our asses *kicked* down there, and somehow we ended up with a Circuit Grand Championship... Which makes me really hope I can preserve my "here and now" thinking, along with managed expectations ;) Not sure I'd be as thrilled if we went back next year and "got great experience" but the judges hated us... Time will tell.

    Love the WEF pic, that is a keeper for sure, and I like #2 from Gulfport!

  3. The photo from WEF is beautiful! I would go with #2 from Gulfport because it's a different angle and shot altogether.

  4. Oh, the background on the WEF one is just to die for. :-) What great memories.

  5. Glad all is going well for yourself and DC post EWT.
    I adore the WEF photo & deff think Gulfport #2 is fab!