When I think about the successful blogs, I think about three main things:
  • Is it entertaining?
  • Does this person have plenty to write about?
  • Why should anyone care?

Since I qualify for none of the above attributes, I of course decided it was time for me to jump into the blogging world and give it a go.  I expect none to read this, and it to be a complete waste of time, so therefore, full steam ahead!

I am a working rider.  In almost every way you could interpret that sentence (except pro, God no, not a pro), I qualify.  I work at a full time demanding day job, I work at the execution of successful riding, and I work very hard for the care of my horses.  I love every moment that my work pays off to success in my career, success in the show ring, and success for myself personally.  

The impetus of this blog was encouragement by different groups to share my “working ammy” WEF experience.  For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of going to WEF.  It really seemed pretty unobtainable until very recently, but thanks to a loving and supportive husband, a horse that has surpassed every expectation I had when I bought him, and a lot of dedicated planning, that dream came true.  

So, here I am, making a foray into the blogging world, for better (or likely) worse.


  1. Best Wishes Anna! I look forward to following your journey. Good luck and have fun at the WEF. you deserve every bit to be there!

  2. I hope that you are kicking ass and taking names in the warm-ups today, girlfriend! Go get 'em! Loved the owner descriptions of their "trail horses."

  3. Something that really drew me into reading your blog was the working aspect - I'm always fascinated by how full time workers also manage riding success, training schedules, and having a life around work and riding. Would love to hear more if you're ever looking for something to write about!