Friday, June 6, 2014

Plans Plans Plans

So, I haven’t blogged in a while.  That whole real life thing is really such a pain, why can’t it be ponies and horse shows every day all day?? 

Post the mini derby, I had grand plans to do two weeks of showing at a couple of AA shows in Tyler and then off to a summer of fun in Colorado.  The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.  My own personal astray is a bout of bacterial skin infection, cellulitis, thorn stuck in the pastern, abscess under the skin, removal of abscess under the skin, shockwave, and finally normal pony. 

I am happy to report that I am finally in the normal pony section of this 2 week long drama, but here is a synopsis in pictures.

Vet: It's a bacterial skin infection. Ice, Medicate, wrap, and hand walk  for 7 days.  oh joy. 
<side note> I should mention here that the skin infection was very very very painful according to DC.  The first day of wrapping I was trying to gingerly place some medication and 4x4 squares on the inflamed area.  Apparently my ginger was not ginger enough as DC jumped side ways throwing his leg in the air in pain.  Unfortunately my head/eye socket was in the direct path of said leg jerk, causing a blow that made me see stars.  My friend Suzanne was quite concerned that I had perhaps fractured my occipital lobe and encouraged me to see a Dr.  I assured her I was fine as I had squished all around on my swollen black eye and all seemed to be in order.  Squishing around is a great diagnostic tool, I recommend it for all future injuries. </side note>

DC: "I don't mind I get to bury my head in a pile of alfalfa out of the deal"
"And look how cute I am on our handwalks!  This is the life."


That's all great until he BIT the CRAP out of my arm.
The next hand walk was not nearly as fun with added chain.  His expression shows his displeasure of this turn of events.  I am a fun killer.
Wait.  What's that hard bump under the surface and pink spot why has my horse gone from sound to a Grade 3 lame???
Vet: "Looks like the infection has a thorn or splinter on the inside that's trying to abscess out.  Need to cut it open and remove."

Another 7 days later, Suture is out!

Now with protectant Equifit bands and trouser socks, leg is back to normal!!

 As a result, there was no Tyler for me.  As a second result, DC and I trailered over to the trainer where TJ has been living for the past year and a half and did a lesson.  This trainer is particularly detail oriented, and focuses on how the rider’s body and emotions affect the horse.  She really worked on a lot of little quirks that DC and I have developed together, showed me some holes in both of our programs, and really focused on how to take his training to the next level. 

Since this lesson, DC has really been on his A game, which makes me VERY excited four our upcoming summer showing plans.  We leave tomorrow for 5 weeks in Colorado, 4 of which will include horse shows.  On top of this, TJ has a new Leasee, and she decided to join in on the fun and send TJ up to Colorado as well!!!!!!  Yes, I think that deserves at least that many exclamation points. 

My plans include Divisions, Derbies, Classics, parties, vacation, a wedding, and Las Vegas all thrown in the mix.  It should be an interesting month, and regardless of how many ribbons I take home I’ll have the best of times.  Who am I kidding, I want those damned pieces of satin to embarrassingly hang on my lamp shades. 

Stay tuned, for this Working Rider is planning to blog about it all, if for no other reason than I want the memories in writing!


  1. You left out the part where your horse gave you a black eye, but you determined it wasn't broken because you "squished around on it." :)

  2. I love the "look how cute I am" picture. That expression.

  3. Gotta love horses. :-) Looking forward to more adventures!

  4. Can't wait to follow you upcoming adventures!