Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Colorado Day -2

So my WEF adventure started with days -1 and 0.  For Colorado I feel the need to reach all the way back to day -2 (T minus two days from arrival) as my adventure really began there. 

On Friday, the day before we embarked on our two day journey to Colorado, I had about 100 million things left on my to-do list.  I have this pension for over planning myself, and this trip was no exception.  The planned itennerary for the next week is as follows:

Saturday: Drive to Amarillo

Sunday: Drive to Parker, unload all items, settle the horses in

Monday: Hack both TJ and DC, Fly to Las Vegas

Friday: Fly back to horse show, school both horses

Saturday: Show both horses, drive to Vail for wedding, drive back to Denver

Sunday: Show both horses, fly back to Austin

In other words, I needed to pack and plan for a cross country drive, two horses living in Colorado for 5 weeks, a Vegas Vacation, four horse shows, an a wedding.

Ambitious?  Maybe. 

I’ve mentioned DH and his amazing, selfless ways before, but this trip he really gets a gold star.  To begin with, he was of course volunteering his time to drive with me, but that also comes with an enlistment to load and unload the unbelievable amount of stuff required for this trip.  This includes but is not limited to saddles, bridles, tack trunks, buckets, fans, shavings, hay, feed, suit cases, show clothes, schooling clothes, vegas clothes, snacks, ice chest, and of course the all-important horses. 

My truck ended up looking like this:

After loading, I thought that I was all ready to go and all we needed to do was pull out in the morning.  Unfortunately my trailer had different plans.  On my previous haul it came to my attention that my rear signal was not functioning.  It was an easy fix of just replacing the light, and it worked perfectly.  Or so I thought.  Stephen was following me on the way back to the house, and called and said “uh you know that tail light you fixed?  Not so much.” 


My only plans were to drive 15 hours over the next two days, who needs a tail light right? 
I put my handy hat on, and with some phone-a-friend help tried to fix the problem.

Unfortunately my efforts were in vain, and I was unable to get the darned thing working.  My professional assessment is that I have a faulty ground wire.  But by professional I mean I randomly poked around on my wiring with a screw driver. 

It was such that we had a 5 am call the next morning, down one tail light, but up one person who now felt like an expert in trailer wiring.  Regardless of my inability to actually fix it.


  1. Been there done that with the wiring... I actually rewired twice lol my problem was from a pain in the butt pet goat who like to crawl under the trailer to get some shade.... After the second round of rewiring the underside from her getting her horns caught and yanking various wires I got smarter.... The third round entailed me encasing the wires in PVC.... Tadaaaa no more random malfunctioning lights lol good luck! Its no fun to try and figure it all out :-/ lol

  2. Busy!! Wiring is NOT for me, hope you got it fixed!