Thursday, June 19, 2014

Colorado Day 2

Although it was officially only Colorado day 2, you have to imagine for me it was like an eon of time since day 1 as I had spent the previous 5 days in Las Vegas. 

As I have mentioned before, DH and I do a couple of trips to Vegas a year, and always have a great time.  This trip was no different, except he had a pesky work conference getting in the way.  I guess pesky work conferences are to be allowed when it provides for a free place for me to stay as a “third wheel.”  DH and I work for the same company, so luckily at very least I know and am friends with many of the other conference attendees he was with.  We had quite the fun time with lots of eating, drinking, shopping, and gambling.  Not to mention a lot of time doing this:

which is my most favorite "activity" of all.

Although DH did not go with me, a group of work friends and I went to see Michael Jackson One.  If you like MJ AT ALL put this on a must do bucket list.  It was freaking awesome.

Another highlight was a trip to a small joint in the Palace Station called the Oyster Bar.  It’s a total of 18 seats, and the line gets up to 3 hours long.  They make the most amazing soup like dish called “pan roast” (it has nothing to do with a pan or a roast, I take no credit for having any idea where the name comes from).  Heaven in a bowl I swear.

Fast forward to our flight back to Colorado.  With no mani/pedi involved we arrived in plenty of time to grab some food and think about how hungover I felt.  It’s kind of like a hangover from 5 days of non stop fun, sooooo I’m thinking my riding is just going to go super. 

I arrived back to a bustling horse show, with Friday classes in full swing.  Matt asked me to get on TJ first so his leasee could do her ride after I was done.  The Colorado Horse Park footing for the hunter rings is a technical footing made by GGT ( TJ has always been a horse whose movement is greatly affected by what he’s on, and he absolutely LOVES this type of footing.  Starting off he felt so powerful with so much suspension, really just showing his big black stuff.  He schooled beautifully and I was once again reminded why I love riding him so very much. 

Historically, TJ has been my 3’6 A/O horse, and has done some international derbies.  Given that I hadn’t really jumped a course on him in 6 months, and that he was probably going to be a bit rusty in the show ring, we decided to give him a simple weekend in the Adult Amateurs (A/As) which is only 3’.  I was simply looking forward to riding him again, even if it was over poles on the ground.

After TJ, it was time to school DC.  Honestly, DC did not feel as good at TJ did.  Matt had done the 3’3 Performance on him during the week.  The reports back to me were that he was good, but definitely rusty in the ring and not as responsive to leg as Matt would like.  When I got on he simply felt tired.  He lacked the spring in his step and great attitude he normally carries.  Maybe it was the thin air, maybe it was the relatively warm day, or maybe he just wasn’t into it.  Either way we kept the school short and sweet, looking to save him for my 3’3 A/O classes that weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, he was good, just lacked a spark he normally carries. 

After finishing with riding, I headed back to the hotel room for a desperately needed nap.  I do have to say, given my level of exhaustion and previously mentioned hangover, I rode rather well.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t hit my head on my pillow and immediately crash.  That night at dinner all I could think about was more sleep which meant instead of joining in on some fun at a bar, I actually chose the responsible route and went to bed. 

I have moments of acting like a grown up.  Thankfully they are few and far between.


  1. Glad TJ felt so awesome, and I bet DC will perk up this weekend :-)

  2. TJ sounds like a cool horse. Glad you still get to play with him.