Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Madness!

Some of you may have noticed the snazzy new banner I put up about a week ago.  I was actually quite delighted in how easy it was to create, and I think it puts a much nicer “face” to my blog.  But alas, it was not for this reason alone that I created the banner. 
My newbie blog is up against some tough competitors in a blogging march madness bracket.

I thought a new banner might edge me out of the competition.   


I actually meant to post about this much earlier, but alas I have been participating in my own personal yearly march madness experience in Vegas.  Every year DH and I take the great trek to the land of lost wages to participate in an experience that aptly takes on the name Madness, after the tournament that spawns the craziness.  

A large group of our friends from all over the country all meet for the first weekend of the March Madness basketball tournament to watch games, bet on games, drink, eat, and generally have the most merry time possible.   

Although I’m in for a good 4-5 hours in the sportsbook every day, DH and the rest of the group don’t  move from their seats starting at 7 am to around midnight every night.  That’s around 17 hours of nonstop basketball.  It’s nuts.
When I do manage to tear myself away from a room full of this:

I manage to spend time at the pool

And shopping
I did not buy this.  But man I wanted to.

I DID buy this.

And PLENTY of people watching.

Overall it’s one of my favorite yearly traditions and I’m always sad to see it come to a close. 


  1. So I found your blog from She Moved To Texas.... and binge read it from yesterday to today... (at work, I completely blame you for my lack of productivity). I am your Fort Worth Stalker... though I totally prefer reader! I used to ride hunters/jumpers but am currently horseless, so I read blogs to fulfill the addiction. Any way, love the BLOG! AND I have that MK bag!

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Binge away, I don't mind stalkers at all. Especially if said stalkers are nice and normal in real life (not axe murderers), and have a couch for me to stay on when I am in Ft Worth riding with Matt....hint hint hint.

    2. Come on OVER!!!! AND you can sleep in a bed, we have two guest rooms. Our three pups would love for you to come play with them. PLUS if you stay at my house then you HAVE to introduce me to the incorrigible DC!

  2. Good news? You won your bracket. Bad news? i closed voting this morning lol.

    1. Well it's a good thing I won, otherwise I would PROTEST.

  3. Love the blog, went to vote but it was closed. However.... YOU WON your bracket!