Monday, February 17, 2014

WEF Day 15 - George sighting!

Oh caveat, how I love thee.  I have had a few people ask me if I plan to keep blogging after WEF is over.  I’m so glad that there are some that enjoy it and would like me to continue.  I plan to blog both about my “regular” life as well as continued adventures.  I hope you all continue to read!

Day 15 I woke up feeling like I had it all in the bag so I should have been glad, but I was mad and sad and feelin' bad Thinkin' about the things that I never had.  Quadruple bonus points for you if you can name that tune.  Those things that were to never happen were me showing in the international, a picture in my shad in the classic, and a Gollum like obsession about the WEF blue ribbon I was never to win.  “My precious.”  Given my own recognition of my complete spoiled brat status, I had to have a discussion with myself that went something like this:

Me: “Self, you are in West Palm Beach with a horse that is a coming 7 year old, who was hardly even broke exactly 2 years ago.  You brought him along from nothing to being competitive in the A/Os at WEF almost completely by yourself.  He’s still green, and this is a lot to ask of him.”


Me: “You’re an idiot, There are a lot of people that would give their eye tooth for this opportunity.”

Me2: “What is an eye tooth anyway, that’s a dumb saying.”

Me: “Never mind about that, grow up and get a life.”

Me2: “grrrrr fine.  But I still want that blue ribbon.”

Thus I recovered from my two year old temper tantrum, at least somewhat.  I know I made the right decision by DC, but my disappointment was very real.  I don’t think my mood was improved any by the fact that I spent the morning packing to go home.  Lucy didn’t appreciate the packing either.

I headed to the barn with plans to do a nice trail hack on DC.   We came up with the plan to let him have an easy day after our (newly) last show day, and then do a jumping school the next day to instill some confidence back in both of us.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the trails in Wellington are some of the best times I’ve had on a horse’s back.  It is such a cool time with excellent footing, many bansions to admire, and a fun thing to do with your horse.  

A trail hack on DC involves a super horse to ride, but also involves a very attentive horse om the lookout for something to attack at any moment.  Along the way we have to cross a few canals and at our second canal, there was a turtle on the side of the bank sunning himself.  Just as we were passing, the turtle decided it was an opportune time to jump back in the water.  DC found this as an equally opportune time to turn himself inside out with four legs going four different directions.  The terrifying turtle ranked up there against parking signs, with equal drama but surpassing in height.  I think he heard rumors of gators, and perhaps thought he was about to go to battle with one head on.  

Scene of the turtle crime
I was in a much improved mood following our ride, and Caroline, a friend of mine, asked me to come along with her to try a horse.  She is looking for a Grand Prix prospect, I’ve never participated in a trial of that caliber, so I was excited about the experience.  We headed to Our Day Farm, which is the farm owned and run by the Jayne family, otherwise known as Hunter/Jumper royalty.  Their place is only a block away from where are stabled, so it didn’t take long at all to get there.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by a passel of both breed and mutty rescue dogs, and Maggie said “oh we have puppies too!”  I immediately knew she was one cool down to earth chick.  The Jaynes take the farmette concept to the extreme.  They have a mini horse, a foal, chickens, baby chicks, and baby ducks.  I was holding a baby chick when a groom came running up to me excitedly “We have ducks too!!”  “Ducks? Like baby ducks?” “Yes, come see.”  Sure enough a flock of baby ducks, and who wouldn’t love a baby duck?

The mare Caroline tried was a beautiful black, with so much talent.  She easily jumped over a few jumps, and then when they got a rythym together, really turned it on.  The ease at which Caroline jumped on a brand new horse and did a few 4’-4’3 and bigger courses was amazing.  I hope someday to ride with that type of confidence in myself.  

The day at the show finished with watching Rainbow and his owner in the low Junior Jumpers.  My thoughts of Rainbow being the jumper I wish I had were further confirmed with her lovely ride, and when a not so lovely ride occurred, he covered it for her.  What a great horse he is.  

After watching Rainbow, Caroline and I headed to a romantic Valentines dinner.  Nothing says romance like a DH still in Austin, and smelly boots and breeches with a good friend.    

Following dinner, there was a Grand Prix back at the horse show.  It wasn’t in the international ring, as that ring was dedicated to Hunters this week, but was over in the Stadium on the annex grounds.  It was interesting to see how the riders and horses handled a much smaller arena, and how the quicker, more flexible horses dominated this competition over those with more power.  

However, the highlight of the night was that the one and only George Morris was seated about 5 feet away from us. 

A conversation that actually didn’t happen with myself:

Me: “Isn’t that George??!!??!”

Suzanne: “Where?”

Vanessa: “What’s a George?”

Me: “AHHHH George..right there, like RIGHT THERE.”

Suzanne (looking off into the distance of the sky): “what, where?”

Vanessa: “What’s a George?”

Me: “OMG ladies, right there, goofy looking hat.”


There may or may not have been wine involved.  It was like spotting a wild lion in his own habitat, impressive and terrifying all at the same time.

I would fail as a paparazzi photographer

Since I simply can’t stay away, I ran over to give DC some treats after the Grand Prix.  Could you resist this face?

Me either.


  1. Name that tune...."Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt N' Peppa. Booyea!! :) Awesome pictures and so glad you are going to keep blogging! What's a George....lololol!

    1. Well done! Quadruple bonus points for you!

  2. OMG I just laughed my ass off at the George conversation. Yes, wow. Such George, much equitation, wow.

  3. "like spotting a wild lion in his own habitat"

    Pretty sure that's my favorite quote to date!! Love it!!

  4. Hee hee - love the George comments.
    He first came out to NZ years ago and I remember him saying a few George-isms to a girl who pulled her hot horse out of a line (yes, she really did - in front of GM!). He told her to take off her hat and when she asked why, he shouted "Because you're blonde aren't you" - and a few more words about blonde stereotypes, if you get my drift... Her mother complained to him (this is NZ, remember!) and he turned to the mother and said (this is the bit I'll always remember) "If she can't handle me making a couple of comments during a training session then she'll never handle the pressure of top competition".
    Now, whenever I feel pressured by something someone says, I just remember that :-)

    1. I've ridden with George a few times. He's always been kind and honest to me. But I get what he's looking for and try hard. Not a hard concept.

  5. I still have a couple more months here in Afghanistan so there must be MORE BLOGGING.....yes please do blog Gulfport as I have a couple of friends down there showing and would like to hear about it from another perspective. Plus your writing is pretty frickin hilarious.

    1. hahaha, I'm glad you enjoy it! Send your friends my blog, and my way!

  6. I'm so sad I discovered your blog after I got home from Gulfport!!! Have I missed those entries somewhere? Anyway, hope you're having a great trip, the weather was getting very nice this weekend!

    1. I head to gulfport next week! I'm sure it will turn bad before I get there though. That's GP for you.

  7. I've really enjoyed reading the blog, and I'm very happy for you and proud of you both. that said, I think the baby duck picture is my favorite!